Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is BB Alumni?

The BB Alumni is an initiative of the Stedfast Association (SA), an organization for former BB members who are committed to promote the Object of the BB.
There are programmes dedicated to foster network and relationship for BB members (current and former) of all ages who desire to maintain linkage with the BB; to participate and serve through its activities. BB HQ’s priorities and limited resources are primarily focused on operation of the existing BB Programmes. There had been several discussions in past between BB and BB Alumni on ways to retain these ex-BB Boys in an Alumni network. Thus working in close collaboration with the BB, BB Alumni has taken upon the task, as an organization of ex-BB members, will manage the formation and development of BB Alumni. Such relationships are common in schools and other institutions.

2. Is there a need for BB Alumni?

Every year, an estimated 500 Boys pass out from The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore, after spending 4 to 5 years in the Seniors Programme. Over the past 40 years, an estimated total of 10,000 Boys would have ‘graduated’ from the organization. Only minority stays on as Officers, or joins the Primers Programme.
Obviously, this trend has a strong negative impact on The BB because of the loss of potential manpower, talent, and above all, the opportunity to continue to to reach out with them with the Gospel.
There is a dire need to continue to reach out to ex-BB members who are young adults. Their social and spiritual needs are even greater and more pressing than ever.

3. Will the BB Alumni be in conflict with the Primers Programme?

BB Alumni is not an award or structured programme like the Primers. It is simply an Alumni to seek, as its core objective, to support the other programmes of the Brigade.

4. Who do the BB Alumni target at?

The Alumni provide an informal structure and a more flexible programme to meet the needs of various age groups beyond the BB age. Different types of activities will be planned to cater to different age groups.
Members can be segmented as follow:
Young Adult – 18 to 35 years old
Adult – 35 to 55 years old
Seniors – 55 years old and above

5. What do the BB Alumni seek to do?

The Mission is to foster fellowship and advance Christ’s Kingdom among ex-BB members. The Vision is to form and develop BB Alumni branches in every BB Company, our tagline being: “Once BB, Ever BB”

6. Will the BB Alumni branches be additional ‘burden’ to serving Captains and Officers to oversee it?

The Alumni will be managed by a Committee of committed former Officers and Boys. As with other such committees in the BB (Juniors, Seniors & Primers), the committee will plan and organised the program and activities (such as cell group Christian fellowship) for its own branch.

7. Branches

Each Company to have its own Alumni named as “The XXth Singapore Company BB Alumni”.